Thoughts on weapons

As I was writing a comment in response to AS’s comment on my post on UN Peacekeeping, I realized something. I am not EVER comfortable with the use of weapons against other human beings, in any format or for any reason. I think weapons are the most horrendous invention to have ever been created. Yes, I realize that they were originally invented for hunting, to kill animals for food, but they have evolved well beyond what is needed or used to kill animals. I also thinking the killing of animals for sport is horrendous, but most of all I am completely sickened by the awful devices humans have come up with to kill other human beings.

I do realize that there are irrational people out there. I do not know what the best way to deal with such people is. I am loath to condone violence in any form, but perhaps weapons and violence are indeed the best way to deal with irrational people. However, even I were to acknowledge evidence that this is the best thing, I am still not comfortable with the use of weapons. I also think that in our current culture, it is impossible to distinguish situations where weapons truly are the only option from situations where other actions would have been better. We are way too trigger-happy. So before I could fully admit that a particular situation did indeed warrant violence, we would need to do away with all the situations where violence is used unnecessarily. Until then (which I unfortunately can’t foresee happening anytime soon), I will continue to find it difficult to look at a situation and say with 100% confidence that violence was the only option.


One Response to Thoughts on weapons

  1. Lyndsay says:

    I was trying to convey to a pretty conservative American my dislike for guns and why. Finally I just had to say, “I guess it’s what you grow up with.” In Canada people have guns if they hunt or if they get them illegally and she says but what if there was a crazy person around you, wouldn’t you want someone to have a gun to stop them? And you know, there is a lot of violence in the world but I feel pretty safe (at least from physical violence) when I look at the stats. They say men are more likely targets of violence and women are mostly targets from boyfriends or husbands.

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