Death penalty addendum

I was searching for “death penalty” on Google’s blogsearch and I came across this article about a horribly tragic event: a young mother (23 years old) murdered her 11-month old baby and now may receive the death penalty. This is so incredibly sad in so many ways. It is hard to imagine how someone could do that to their own child, but saying that she is a “monster” (as one of the comments does) and does not deserve to live is not a solution. Clearly, she has psychological problems, so why not offer her resources to help her become a more healthy person instead of hiding her behind bars and ultimately killing her? Instead of demonizing and dehumanizing violent criminals (which allows us as a society to murder them in cold blood and consider it justice), we need look at them as follow human beings who went wrong somewhere and who desperately need help. Yes, we may need to use physical restraints to keep them from hurting other people, but we don’t need to just leave them to rot behind bars or, worse, kill them. We could also have intensive psychotherapy and other programs in place to help them.


One Response to Death penalty addendum

  1. a.s. says:

    I totally agree with you. The mother who murdered her own baby may have been suffering from postpartum depression, substance abuse, or lack of support. Perhaps she was a single mother or in an abusive relationship. The baby might have been unwanted or the product of rape. Perhaps the baby kept the mother awake at night, causing severe sleep deprivation. Or maybe the woman was unwanted or abused herself as a child, and had no emotional resources with which to handle the demands of an infant. Whatever the reason, killing the woman is not the solution. Instead, we as a society should be figuring out how we can better help and support mothers.

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