Organization of the week: Human Rights Watch

This week I’d like to highlight the organization Human Rights Watch. They do very important work investigating and exposing human rights violations occuring around the world. They publish reports and generate media coverage of these abuses. This publicity embarrasses governments and puts pressure on them to change.

I subscribe to the Human Rights Watch news releases. They are a good way to get information about what is going on in the world in a way that you won’t get from the traditional media. Of course, it is always depressing news since it is about human right violations. I think I would get quite depressed if I read every release in detail, but I like to be kept aware of the terrible things that happen in this world.

Human Rights Watch also has action items, where you can send an email through their site to the people in control of a particular abuse.

Human rights are fundamental to a peace-oriented society, and thus the work that Human Rights Watch does is very important. As they say on their website:

Human Rights Watch believes that international standards of human rights apply to all people equally, and that sharp vigilance and timely protest can prevent the tragedies of the twentieth century from recurring. At Human Rights Watch, we remain convinced that progress can be made when people of good will organize themselves to make it happen.


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