Tangentially related to peace

June 16, 2009

Using alternative transportation is an important aspect of working towards a more peaceful world. To that end, I usually get around town by bicycle. A few weeks ago I got a wonderful new used bike from craigslist, and today the ladies of one of my favorite bike blogs, Let’s Go Ride a Bike, featured me and my new bike in a post (with my permission and after having emailed them about my great new bike). Go take a look at their post to see some pictures! Also, if you know anything about it (it is Swiss-made, by Aarios, and I can’t find much about its history online), I would love to learn more about its history.


A sappy movie with a message

June 13, 2009

Last night I thoroughly enjoyed myself watching the romantic comedy Love Actually. In a loosely woven plot it shows different aspects of love through the lives of several couples in the weeks leading up to Christmas. The movie is sappy and fun. It has a contemporary, modern feel to it; the music is pop and the clothes are stylish. Some of the relationships are based on superficial factors and love at first sight. However, in spite of these factors that could make it just another light-hearted, meaningless flick, I thought it conveyed well a deep and important message about love. That love is all around us, all the time, if we just look for it. The beginning and end, with short clips of people greeting each other at the airport, and the snapshots into many couple’s lives throughout the movie (as opposed to most romantic comedies which focus on just one couple), effectively convey the sense that love is, in fact, all around. Our culture focuses so much on a seemingly pervasive hatred, and I think it would be good for all of us if we took a moment to notice the love around us instead.