Women for Women International Run for Congo Women

July 27, 2009

I have posted about Women for Women International before. They have emailed me again and asked me to post about their Run for Congo Women, which I think is a good cause and am happy to promote. Here is the information about it that they sent to me:

Change Your Life. And Hers.

Join Women for Women International and stand up for women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo! Participate in a 2009 Run for Congo Women.

Run for Congo Women began with one woman’s determination to raise awareness about the dire situation in Congo and has become an international movement.

• More than 5.4 million people have died since 1998 in this conflict.
• Half of these deaths are children under the age of five.
• For women in Congo, brutal gang rape and torture are a daily reality.

Run for Congo Women is your opportunity to support these women and children as they rebuild their lives.

Visit www.runforcongowomen.org to learn more and register for one of the following runs today!

Morrison, CO – Saturday, September 19th

Portland, OR – Saturday, September 19th

New York, NY – Saturday, September 26th

Tempe/Phoenix, AZ – Sunday, September 27th

Chicago, IL – Saturday, October 3rd

St. Louis, MO – Saturday, October 17th

By signing up today, you will support Women for Women International’s program in Congo, in which women receive direct assistance, rights awareness and job skills training that make it possible for them to start their own micro-enterprises. You also allow them to provide for their family and to regain their role as an active member of their community.

When you join us, you help spread this message: Congolese lives matter. The lives of Congolese women are significant. The lives of Congolese children are precious. We are running to help.


Human nature

July 18, 2009

Why is the term “human nature” so frequently used to mean only negative, “animal” characteristics of humans, such as aggression, violence, and greed? I noticed this in a talk I heard last week and it got me thinking. Positive characteristics such as cooperation, compassion, and generosity are just as much a part of “human nature” as aggression and greed, but these seem to be much less frequently referred to as such. I think this is actually an important indicator of why we are still such a violent, unpeaceful society. We have it drummed into us from when we are young that life is about overcoming these negative natural instincts of aggression and selfishness. This orients how people approach life and their interactions with each other. What if instead we taught our children that life is about drawing out and encouraging our natural instincts towards cooperation and compassion? I think our society would look very different from the way it does today.