Quote of the week

Administrative note: I’ve updated the organization directory with lists organized alphabetically and regionally, as well as the existing category-based list. Check it out! I continue to add organizations to these lists each time I review one.

The Promise of Mediation, by Robert A. Baruch Bush and Joseph P. Folger, which I reviewed yesterday, offers the most positive outlook on human interaction that I  have encountered in awhile. Here is a quote that captures this optimistic perspective:

[S]ocial interaction itself is not a process to be tolerated and feared, but a process to be welcomed and fostered as a profoundly positive force in human life, because it is the core process for constituting human identity and shared meaning… [H]uman beings themselves have the inherent desire and capacity to engage in social interaction – and conflict interaction – constructively, not only without destroying each other but with the ability to turn conflict itself into an opportunity to deepen and enhance interaction, personal strength, and interpersonal understanding.


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