Organization of the week: Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation

Continuing with my mediation theme, the organization for this week is the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation. This non-profit organization is based specifically on the transformative framework of conflict as discussed in the book The Promise of Mediation, which I reviewed last week. It was founded “to study and promote the understanding of conflict processes and intervention from the transformative framework.” They conduct a variety of activities to further this mission:

  • Conducting research;
  • Developing publications;
  • Developing and disseminating educational and training materials, resources and programs;
  • Presenting education and training programs for educational institutions, agencies, corporations and other public or private organizations;
  • Organizing conferences, workshops, and seminars; and
  • Developing a network of researchers, mediators, trainers, and teachers who understand and promote the transformative framework for conflict intervention.

Unfortunately, they do not currently have any upcoming events; everything on their events page is in the past. In general, the website does not seem to be kept up-to-date very well, which is too bad, since it serves an important purpose. This organization is the only one I have found so far that is officially and explicitly about mediation as envisioned in The Promise of Mediation.


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