A week of workshops

Hello friends! I did not mean to take such a long break away from this blog. I have not recently been actively doing or reading anything related to peace or mediation and my attention has been on other things. However, this coming week I will be attending two workshops on these topics. The first is a three-hour training for mediators called “Conversations on Bias,” led by Bill De La Cruz. It is being hosted by the mediation program with which I volunteer and is specifically for the volunteer mediators. The second workshop is an all-day workshop next Saturday titled “Restorative Activism.” It is being offered by Open Path Trainings and is described on the flyer as follows:

RESTORATIVE ACTIVISM is an integrated approach to work in the world with the power to heal the personal and the planetary. It works at the intersection of body,mind, spirit, and action with openness and honesty. Supporting the willingness to look courageously at ourselves, Restorative Activism helps you move beyond the ineffective tactics of blame, shame, and fear, and cultivate the understanding and compassion needed to foster peace and nonviolence as away of life.

I am looking forward to learning, stretching my mind, and being reinspired at these two workshops this week!


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