Every day is Earth Day

I did not do anything special for Earth Day today. In fact, I even drove my car this evening, as I do every Thursday evening. I did not feel the need or desire to specially celebrate the earth today because I think about the earth and sustainability every day of the year. I am well aware of the impact of my actions on the earth and I have taken sustainability into account in many deliberate choices about the way I live, including when I will drive somewhere and when I will bicycle somewhere.

Earth Day is perhaps important as a means of consciousness-raising for those people who do not otherwise think much about the impact of their behaviors on the earth. But we must all be reminded of these impacts far more frequently than once a year. Earth Day is not just about taking care of the planet because we think trees are pretty or wild animals are cute. It is about taking care of our home. If the earth goes down, we go down with it. To be more specific, if the climate changes drastically on earth, human civilization as we know it will end. If we continue on our path of massive consumption and little regard for the interconnectedness of all life, we will eventually reach a point at which our civilization can no longer sustain itself and will quickly decline. We must drastically change our ways of living if we do not want to see ourselves, our children, or our grandchildren face massive chaos. So,  make tomorrow Earth Day and the next day as well. Think about how sustainable your behaviors are every day, not just one day a year.


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