What is this blog?

I believe in peace. I believe that peace is the future, but more importantly the present. In order to have peace in the future we must begin to live and breath peace now.

I write this blog to collect my thoughts, explore possibilities, strive towards understanding, and discover how to live.

Here you will find:

  • A collection of thoughts and reflections on peace.
  • A striving to understand how we exist within the concept of peace and peace exists within us.
  • An exploration of possibilities through book reviews, profiles of organizations, and other highlights of work being done towards peace.
  • A discovery of how to live a more peaceful life and make the world a more peaceful place.

Who am I?

Sarah and bicycle

My bicycle and me

I cannot be summed up in a few words, but here are some facts that may interest you.

My name is Sarah, I am in my late 20s, and I live in Boulder, Colorado with my husband. I love using my bicycle as a primary means of transportation.

I’m currently employed as a software engineer for an educational software company. Outside of work, I participate in a multitude of unpaid activities, including volunteering within my Unitarian Universalist church and singing. In addition, I currently strive to have a direct impact on peace by volunteering as a mediator for a local community mediation program.

I read voraciously, both fiction and non-fiction. Non-fiction provides me with a way to explore a wide variety of interests, including my interest in peace. I write a separate blog about books and reading, Books and Other Miscellany. I have also reviewed several books on this blog, which you can find under the category book reviews.

You can contact me at musingsonpeace AT gmail DOT com.


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